Spanish Secretariat

The Spanish Secretariat oversees the Spanish Cursillo Community in Memphis in collaboration with the Cursillo Secretariat.  Please contact the Spanish Committee members listed below for more information.

Lay Director/Director Laico: Mauricio Salcedo or (901) 579-0735
Responsible for the overall coordination of the Spanish Movement, works with the English Lay Director to ensure consistency within the Cursillo Movement of the Diocese of Memphis

Pre-Cursillo Director: Arturo and Ana Maria Villegas – (901) 562-8510
This chairperson works with the candidates, sponsors and Parish Reps before the Cursillo weekend to answer any questions about the application process and the weekend itself to insure that after the weekend, the candidate has a smooth transition to their 4th Day.

3 Day Director/Cursillo de 3 Dias: Manuel and Yolanda Gonzalez – (901) 406-1798
This chairperson sees to it that everything is in place for the weekend to happen. This includes selecting and forming the team (team members come from the School of Leaders) and insuring that the atmosphere during the weekend provides the candidates a chance to encounter Christ.

Post Cursillo Director/Pos-Cursillo: Pedro and Patricia Aguilar – (901) 299-7731
This person helps the Cursillistas in the diocese grow in their 4th Day through insuring that the Ultreyas are a lively reunion of all the Group Reunions and/or a place where people can find a Group Reunion to join.

School of Leaders Director/Director de Escuela de Dirigentes: Gustavo San Juan – (901) 351-4030
This chairperson insures that the School of Leaders provides an ongoing opportunity for Cursillistas to grow spiritually, to learn about the Cursillo method and to help in the work of the Precursillo, 3-Day Cursillo, and Postcursillo.

Treasurer/Tesoreria: Alejandro and Mirna Vega – (901) 335-0773
This person handles the financial aspects of the Cursillo Movement by making sure that we have enough money for our Cursillo weekends along with paying our regional and national fees.

Secretary/Secretario: Juan Sanchez – (901) 857-0781
This person keeps the minutes for all Secretariat meetings and sends out Cursillo related cards and correspondence as needed.

Spiritual Directors:
Rev. Dennis Schenkel and Rev. Enrique Granados

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