Meet the New Cursillistas of Men’s 126

MEN’S CURSILLO #126, FEB. 2-5, 2017 Row 1: Father Enrique Granados, Mark Matthews, Danny Andreni, Mark E. Doane, Steve Voss, Michael Beller, Jacob Zweig, Jonathan R. Feild, Father Rick Mickey Row 2: Father Dennis Schenkel, Deacon Joe Kuzio, Tommy Sneed, Will Goodwin, Jon Smith, Tony Bounds, Stefan Borst, Ralph Gibson, Deacon Pat Lyons Row 3: Scott Sneed, Tom Dorian, David Carney, … [Read more...]

Welcome New Cursillistas of 2016

Meet the 2016 cursillistas. … [Read more...]

The many colors of Palanca

The Actual Grace talk on Friday afternoon of our Cursillo weekend introduced us to a new word, Palanca. It's the Spanish word for lever, and a lever is a tool that can be used to lift something up, especially something heavy. Our own physical strength can be amplified with a lever. Palanca is a means to amplify our spiritual strength with the supernatural strength of the Holy Spirit, and it's … [Read more...]