The Post-Cursillo Chairs for the Secretariat are David and Ashley Baker.

The Postcursillo is the communitarian means (spiritual direction, group reunion, Ultreyas, School of Leaders) designed to increase and assist the conversion and Christian living initiated in the Cursillo weekend so that the individual and group restlessness aroused in the three days ultimately leaven with the Gospel spirit the ecclesial and human community, and temporal structures in general.

The purpose of the Cursillo weekend is to bring people from the Precursillo to the Postcursillo stage. The Postcursillo is meant to continue the process begun during the Cursillo weekend – that is, being converted and living out what is fundamental for being a Christian. With the framework of the Postcursillo, the individual and group restlessness brought by the experience of the Cursillo weekend is kept alive, so that the Church and all the communities within which these individuals and groups are immersed are constantly being leavened with the spirit and the Gospel.

Postcursillo offers an opportunity to pursue in greater depth the relationship discovered, initiated or deepened during the Cursillo weekend. In the name of the Lord, the Church calls each and every one of her members to holiness and to her mission of evangelizing the world. “All Christians in any state or walk of life are called to the fullness of Christian life and to the perfection of love.”

The Postcursillo is based on the fact that conversion is an ongoing process that never ends, and that environments can be transformed (on-omit) to whatever extent the people who make up those environments are transformed. A good Postcursillo program helps Cursillistas to discover, to accept, and responsibly take their place in the Church (the ecclesial community) and in the world (their environments). The objective of the Postcursillo is for the Cursillistas to find their own unique positions in the Church and in the world, and for the Postcursillo to provide them with the means necessary to live, in their environments, their Christian life.

Within the Postcursillo, there are two basic means for growing and preserving the Christian life: the Group Reunion for individuals, and the Ultreya for the community.

After the groups are formed, Ultreya is the next priority. Ultreya is the members of the smaller friendship groups coming together in order to form a large community. Whereas the friendship group provides for the individual, the Ultreya provides for the good of the community.

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