Effective, December 7, 2010, the Secretariat has recently approved the use of a newly designed application format for the Cursillo 3-Day Weekends.

  1. Candidate:  The new application explains to the candidate what the weekend entails, what to expect, and what to bring. It also expands on the information needed from the candidate before the weekend.
  2. Sponsor:  The application expands on the responsibilities of the sponsor, and provides checklists and duties for the sponsor to ensure the Cursillo is a meaningful and fruitful experience for the candidate. Additional information required from the sponsor about the candidate will assist the lay rector and team members on the Cursillo weekend.

This new application is now separated into two documents – one for the candidate, and one for the sponsor. It is the sponsor’s responsibility to distribute and obtain the candidate’s portion, combine it with the sponsor’s portion, and submit them together to the Pre-Cursillo chairperson.

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Application (Updated 11/16/2017)
(Combined Candidate/Sponsor):
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Trifold for 2016-2018: View Download
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