School of Leaders

“Lay persons who devote themselves permanently or temporarily to some special service of the Church are obliged to acquire the appropriate formation which is required to fulfill their function properly.”    From the Code of Canon Law CIC, canon 231

This formation for the Cursillo takes place through the School of Leaders.

The School of Leaders meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM and the 4th Wednesday of each month at 12 PM at St. Louis Catholic Church, 203 South White Station Rd, Memphis, TN, in the Clunan Center.

Check the calendar for upcoming School of Leaders meetings.

All are welcome and Invited to join us at School of Leaders.  For more information please contact the School of Leaders Chairperson David Carney at



The links below are articles published by the National Secretariat for the benefit of each diocesan Cursillo Movement.

Structure of the Cursillo Movement

The Cursillo Secretariat

The School of Leaders

The Post Cursillo

Learning the Method

Sponsoring the Candidate for the Cursillo Weekend

NOTE: These articles are intended for use by diocesan School of Leaders in their study of the Cursillo Movement.  This is copyright material and is not for publication on local websites. You may provide links to the National web page, but do not host the articles on your website.




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