Sponsor Guidelines


The Cursillo Movement is an instrument of the Roman Catholic Church for the revitalization of Christian life. For the people in the Movement, it involves a restructuring of their lives through an ongoing program of sharing and mutual support. The 3-Day experience is an introduction into a growing, supporting and persevering community of friends in Christ who are trying to structure their lives in such a way as to be more effective in Christianizing their environments. No one may be sponsored to attend a weekend until they have been fully advised of these community activities, and agree to be at least open to participation in them. The Cursillo, as intended by its founders, is a method of giving those who have the potential of influencing others, a personal encounter with Christ.   The Cursillo gives them the desire and tools to bring Christ into their own environment and share Him with everyone around them.

The role of the sponsor in the Cursillo movement is twofold. First, a sponsor seeks appropriate people to encourage attending a Cursillo weekend. Second, a sponsor responds prayerfully to associates who volunteer to attend a Cursillo weekend. In short, to sponsor a Candidate is a significant commitment of energy and attention. Please do not take the responsibility lightly. As a sponsor, you assume considerable responsibilities, and you may be contacted to confirm that you understand them, and that you are prepared to fulfill them.

Checklist Prior to Selecting a Candidate:

  • In prayer ask God to assist you in your choice of candidate. Speak to God about your Candidate before speaking to your candidate about Cursillo.
  • Is the he / she a baptized Catholic? Is the candidate able to receive the Sacraments? Does your candidate have the ability and desire to take part in the sacrament of reconciliation?
  • Is he / she active in the parish or leaders in their own way? Has he /she the ability to become a leader and change his / her environment to Christ?
  • Does he/she show strength of character and self control? Does he/she have strong Christian values?
  • Is he / she interested in examining what it means to be a Christian in today’s world?
  • Is he / she a mature person? Is your candidate healthy both emotionally and physically?
  • Does he / she show potential for taking an active role in the Church and sharing their faith with others?
  • Is he / she capable of capturing the message of Cursillo?
  • Is he / she able to live the Fourth Day (Ultreya, Group Reunion and School of Leaders?)

If you are not in a Cursillo Group Reunion, you cannot, and should not, sponsor alone since this activity, and Ultreya, are such key components to the “ongoing program of sharing and mutual support,” and a primary goal of the 3-Day Weekend. You may, however, co-sponsor with a Cursillista who is in a Cursillo Group Reunion. If you have someone that is co-sponsoring with you, please have them complete the sponsor section.

Other Points to Remember:

a) Pray for guidance, know the goals and methods of Cursillo, and live the message of the weekend.

b) Be a friend, spend time with your Candidate and explain the whole purpose of the Cursillo Movement, as well as the format of the weekend. Make sure they know it is not a retreat. Explain that Cursillo expects a Christian recommitment. While we do not want to give away surprises that make the weekend more meaningful, secrecy has no place in Cursillo. Make sure the Candidate is going because he or she wants to, not as a favor to you.

c) Arrange transportation to and from the Cursillo weekend. Your candidate should not drive their own car. You should be at Our Lady Queen of Peace Retreat Center with your candidate no earlier than 6:00 P.M. and no later than 7:00 P.M. on Thursday night. A light dinner will be provided. You should be present to greet your candidate promptly at 4:00 P.M. Sunday afternoon. Offer to help the candidate with any family or home needs during their weekend. Make sure their family has your phone number and emergency number at the retreat center.

d) If you are working as a team member, ensure your responsibilities both to the team and to the candidate can be met. If not, enlist another Cursillista to help.

e) Explain the importance of Cursillo Group Reunion and Ultreya. For six months after the weekend, you will help your new Cursillista to persevere by:

  1. Reinforcing methods of Piety, Study, and Action.
  2. Working to place your new Cursillista into a Cursillo Group Reunion.
  3. Inviting and attending Ultreya with your new Cursillista.

f)  A lack of funds should not discourage anyone from making a Cursillo 3-Day Weekend. Inform the candidate that they will be asked to share in the minimum suggested donation of the weekend ($200). If help is needed, please contact the Cursillo Treasurer. All requests will be kept in strict confidence.

g) Sponsors should do Palanca before and during the Cursillo.

h) Make sure the Candidate understands that alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs or controlled substances are forbidden on the weekend.

More information on sponsor guidelines can be found on the SPONSORING CANDIDATES FOR THE CURSILLO WEEKEND document, from the National Cursillo website.

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