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Welcome to the Catholic Cursillo Movement of the Diocese of Memphis website.

Our hope is that you may find the answers to your questions readily available here.  Please let the members of the secretariat know about other features and information you would like to see on our site.

Some of the information that one can obtain from this site is as follows:

1)      Dates of upcoming Men’s and Women’s weekends for the next year (English and Spanish weekends) – View Under the “3 Day Weekend” Menu

2)      Applications for candidates and sponsors – View under “Pre-Cursillo” menu.

3)      Names and contact information of our present Secretariat members – View under “About” menu.

4)   First time visitors and Cursillistas are invited to sign up for our online mailing list for special news and announcements. Enter your email address at the top, on the Right Side Bar

We are excited about being able to access more Cursillistas and potential future Cursillistas with this website.  The Secretariat wishes to readily make available this information about our movement, in the Diocese of Memphis, to all that have a desire to know more about Cursillo.  Thank for visiting our site today and visit often.  Information is updated routinely.

De Colores,

Secretariat/ Cursillo Catholic Diocese of Memphis

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